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For Pick-Up and Now Available for Delivery!
Delivery is confirmed with a reply for orders placed by email or Facebook message. Payment will occur when we confirm order. Please include phone #.
Here's the scoop... it's going to be challenging to order for same day delivery at the last minute. For best results please order by 7am for Same Day delivery. Ordering for Same Day Pickup may be done up to 12pm.

Ray's Ultimate Crabcakes...
4- Pack Special, 4 Crabcakes 1 & 1/2 pints of slaw & corn on the cob... $49.00

1/2 Dozen Crabcakes, 2 pints of slaw &
corn on the cob...$77.00

 Dozen Crabcakes, 4 pints of slaw &
corn on the cob...$154.00

Having a Party? You see where this is going...

Now Available for Grab & Go!

Cream of Crab & Shrimp Bisque...
Cup 12oz $5.95   Bowl 16oz $8.95
Quart 32oz $16.95
Maryland Crab Soup...
Cup 12oz $3.95    Bowl 16oz $5.95
Quart 32oz $10.95

Crab Dip & Garlic Bread...
Regular $10.95
Family Size $13.95

Shrimp Salad...(Served Cold)
Pint 16oz $10.95
Quart 32oz $19.95



Maryland Eastern Shore Style...

Right here in

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